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lass has begun with an intensive discussion and study of typrography and style—the first assignment involved using The MS Word to Web Page document—a very interesting excercise in which I learned about Word Themes (very cool), and relearned how difficult it can be to use styles in Word or to figure out why Word insists, at seemingly random times, on changing your formatting. I chose to use a paper I originally wrote for Hist. 610—Money and Sovereignty. After “massaging” using the conversion guide the document looked like this—Money and Sovereignty (2). The web page looks like this.

ime to start working on the type assignment - I figured out how to do pull–out quotes and added one into Money and Sovereignty (2) and the webversion of the same. Class work for 2/6/03 consisted of figuring out how to use styles in MS Word properly—I finally know how to control styles at the document level. The Short Rugby project has consumed a rather large amount of time—again I find that my home and work machines seem not to have the MSO Asian font formatting problem.There are other problems however, as can be seen in the following set of Short Rugby versions:

  1. Original
  2. Web conversion from original
  3. Cleaned version
  4. First web conversion—note the problem with two different fonts for the endnotes.
  5. Second web conversion—font problem fixed, but the first few endnotes are now stacked on top of each other.
  6. Third web conversion—endnotes finally look right. (whew!)
  1. Now for some type fun...

r not... I have to figure why the endnote reference superscripts are pushing the text lines down. After much searching it turns out that the solution was to add a .MsoNormal definition at the top(I only had the endnotetext and endnote reference (I actually had two and cleaned one out...))—so I added one like so—

font-size: 12pt;
font-family:"Comic Sans", "Trebuchet MS", "Arial";}

—it seems that this is needed because the only difference was that the endnote reference tags and anchors were followed by a new span class definition for MsoNormal. Once I put that in everything began to work fine. It only took about 6 hours to figure this out along with yet another re-start from my word original...

ow it’s on to working out how to scale pullquotes as image files. I did work out how to do them straight up in html—but it is inconveniently difficult—see my ‘Readings’ section for an attempted duplication of a Goethe call–out from The Non–Designer’s Type Book. It is much easier to use an image, like so.

he initial Word conversion assignment is turning into my main project for this class—I will use this journal to keep track of various versions as I modify and update the page to incorporate new ideas and project requirements. The Storm of ’03 text imagehas given us all a great opportunity to spend more time on the type assignment. The initial type assignment version, mid–way between the initial conversion webpage and the final type assignment is this.

The class project review system has been a very interesting and useful process—basically, the author of the project sits back and displays their work through navigation. they are not allowed to speak except in response to direct questions about some aspect of the presentation. In the meantime the class comments on whether or not the project meets the assigned criteria, design, type, etc... At the end of the process the author is allowed to respond and defend their project. All in all a useful process, though a little slow to start because of class inexperience with it.

he image assignment has been an excellent experience—I chose three different objects for a total of five different images. The objects were:

  1. A commemorative 10 graben gold coin of Romania.
  2. A $2/3 note issued by the Provincial Legislature of Maryland.
  3. A b&w image of my father, grandfather, and aunt taken in 1942.