The story of the 5th (at 16.7 inches!), greatest snow storm to hit the Washington D.C. area since such things have been recorded. In particular this is a pictorial record of the storm during and after it hit on Feb. 15th, 2003.

The storm began mildly but picked up force over the space of two days, eventually creating accumulations of 16 inches or more in Fairlingtona neighborhood located on the Arlington/Alexandria line.

The front door of casa Mudd.

View of courtyard (normally a grassy field).

South Wakefield street looking south.

The parking lotthe cars aren't looking too bad...

Front door of casa Mudd from other side.

Backyard of casa Mudd. Nice "icing" on the table...

View of courtyard from front door of casa Muddparking lot is to right.

View of courtyard from front door of casa Muddlooking to left.