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Numismatic History on the Web
a web review essay by Douglas Mudd

This web review will examine the genre of numismatic historical web sites. This genre encompasses a huge range of possible time periods and geographic areas from the 2nd millennium B.C. to the present and including every modern nation (and nearly every culture). An unusual feature of this genre is its focus on a particular type of material remain: money in all its forms and related objects (primarily medals and decorations). I have restricted my review to websites devoted specifically to monetary objects, primarily coins and paper money, and how they are used to present history on the web. This presentation has been divided into a number of sections as follows:

Characteristics of Money Classification of Numismatic Web Sites The Web Sites Conclusion

The following websites were chosen because they represent sites from a variety of sources (individuals and institutions, for-profit and non-profit), and are produced for a variety of audiences (scholarly, educational, collectors, or general audiences. In particular they have been chosen for their variety in terms of historical period, approach, and subject - they have little in common beyond their focus on currency.




Last updated: 11/11/2002

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Fine Art and Paper Money in Jacksonian America, 1820 - 1860.

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