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Douglas A Mudd
4613 Julliard Dr.
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American Numismatic Association, Money Museum, Curator
6/2004 to present

Responsible for the development, planning, and content of the ANA Money Museum’s exhibition program. This involves creating two major numismatic exhibits each year (2000 sq. ft. plus each), producing exhibition catalogs, creating traveling exhibits, and producing small exhibits as needed for the museum and for the American Numismatic Association’s coin conventions. I have created six major exhibitions since starting at the ANA – Barter, Bits, & Dollars; The Money of Colonial America, Oops; Mistakes on Money, The Money of the World Today: a Numismatic Perspective of Global Society, The Faces of Money; The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, The Die is Cast; Money of the Ancient World and Coins, Crown and Conflict, along with numerous smaller exhibits, brochures and PowerPoint presentations as well as exhibit catalogs. As curator, I am responsible for identifying coins and using my numismatic expertise in helping the ANA achieve its educational goals through teaching courses on numismatics at the ANA Summer Seminar and as part of summer programs and regular classes at Colorado College. I am also responsible for overseeing the organization and care of the ANA collections.

Smithsonian Institution, National Numismatic Collection, Collection Manager
3/1991 - 5/2004

Responsible for the security, care, and storage of the National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History. My primary duties included accessioning new objects, including data entry and cataloging, photography for internal research and presentation as well as for external pay orders and publication, exhibit coordination and fabrication, giving tours of the exhibit and the collection, and answering public enquiries. I also supervised one trust employee and several volunteers.

My accomplishments at the NNC included the reorganization of the vault storage area (involving ca. 1.6 million objects stored in 120 + cabinets), the development of a digital image database of more than 3500 objects, the creation of the World Wide Web pages for the NNC, and the creation of a computerized interactive overview of the NNC coin collections incorporating over 300 coins with text and images. I was involved in several projects including a joint Smithsonian - Saudi Arabian National Museum website project under IPAM, and an exhibit in collaboration with the International Monetary Fund entitled Money & Sovereignty to be displayed in the IMF headquarters building in Washington. While at the Smithsonian I was also involved as a presenter for a joint SI Education/Montgomery County Schools/University of Maryland project designed to educate educators on how to use objects to interpret and illustrate history.


· M.A. George Mason University (American History, New Media and Information Technology), 2004.

· B.A., College of William & Mary (International Relations), 1985.


· Author of the book, All the Money of the World by Harper Collins under the Smithsonian Institution imprint published in October of 2006. I also photographed or scanned all of the images for the book, which won the Numismatic Literary Guild’s award for “Best Book on Foreign Paper Money” in 2007.

· Co-Author of the E-book, Money & Sovereignty as Expressed in Gold Coinage published in 2008.

· Have taught a weeklong class on “Numismatics and the Museum Professional” at the American Numismatic Association’s Summer Seminar over the last 7 years and have taught several mini-seminars as well as given numerous bull sessions on various topics.

· Have co-taught week-long summer classes for Colorado College on the importance of ancient coinage to the study and teaching of history and have presented 5 half-day lectures on various periods of numismatic history for Colorado College classes at the invitation of the professors.

· Teach a weeklong class on "Numismatics and the Museum Professional" at the American Numismatic Association's (ANA) Summer Seminar with the curator of the ANA Money Museum.

· Possess a broad background and interest in numismatics with a specialty in coinage of the ancient world. As Collection Manager of the National Numismatic Collection (NNC), I was responsible for the storage, care, and retrieval of collections encompassing the whole of numismatic history and including 1.6 million objects.

· Have completed four training courses in numismatics given by the American Numismatic Association - Coinage of the Ancient World, Advanced Coinage of the Ancient World, Oriental Coinage, and Early British Coinage.

· Experienced in creating numismatic exhibits on a wide range of topics at the Smithsonian and at the ANA as well as at the International Monetary Fund headquarters. This includes traditional exhibits, web presentations, and interactive computer exhibits.

· Have authored and produced numerous brochures using desktop computer technology and digital images.

· Experienced in cataloging coins including using reference works and entering information into a computerized database, including the use of digital images.

· Experienced numismatic photographer with work published in numerous books and journals. Extensive experience with digital imagery using Adobe Photoshop. Designed, created layout, edited, and provided images for Elvira Clain-Stefanelli's book "Life in Republican Rome on its Coinage" using Quark Express.

· Experienced in supervising volunteers museum employees.

· Experienced in creating and presenting slide and PowerPoint lectures to numismatic and general audiences as well as giving interviews for live radio and television.


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